Why take the red pill or the blue pill?

Why live in a world of black and white, of enemy and supporter?

Open your eyes to a world where liberatory work is joyful and colorful. 


"What does Glitterpill mean?
Please and thank you."

People are getting curious.


Glitterpill started as an inside joke with my group in 2019. I was beginning my comprehensive exams and preparing a Far-Right training presentation for my university’s Title IX office. I wanted to use a meme to explain “-pilled” as a suffix and highlight the various forms it could take. I described an  image of Bubba alongside Forrest Gump to my group, with the different types of pills in the background. I told my group, “I have this idea of Bubba saying, you can have a redpill, bluepill, blackpill,” when one member wrote, “Glitterpill!” It stuck! We ordained our group Glitterpill that day, March 15th, 2019

The community has since evolved and expanded.

Glitterpill Mission

As the founder of Glitterpill

I sustain a supportive, trauma-informed, grassroots collective that produces high-end, high-impact results. 

As a Research Consultant

I am a trusted source of information, guidance, insight, and actionable intel on emerging far-right threats.

How the hell do smart people end up falling for Qanon?

How do nice people end up in a militia, or attacking peaceful protestors?

How does someone go from Youtube viewer to violent agitator?

So many of us may be asking these same questions.

Leading academics are grappling with them, but right now, the ivory tower isn’t what we need.

Glitterpill believes these are grassroots problems with community solutions. The Glitterpill community wants to give everyday people the tools they need to keep their friends, family, and coworkers from falling down a dangerous rabbit hole.

As much as social media can be a treacherous landscape of fake news and echo chambers, Glitterpill believes it also has the potential to revive healthy debate and foster powerful transformational discussions.

Preaching to the choir may be satisfying, but that’s not where change occurs.
Real change lies in our ability to compassionately engage with people, even if they have differing viewpoints, education levels, and experiences from you. Real change lies in our ability to learn from one another. 

In Glitterpill you will receive important data analyzed by a professional researcher and trained academic in the field of countering violent extremism, so that you can stay up to date without the fatigue of parsing through each and every piece of news yourself.

Glitterpill is a resource, a community, and a toolkit for those who are interested in cultivating a new way of communicating about important events and important ideas. The red pill or the blue pill aren’t the only options anymore.

Glitterpill is a pluralistic, joyful, creative, human-centered approach to understanding the news, arming yourself for important conversations, replenishing your spirit, and engaging with critical thought and grassroots activism for building a more just and peaceful society.

Glitterpill members balance our diligent study and daily activism with deep replenishment, tools for self-care and support chats, because we’re in this for the long-haul, and we can’t afford to get burnt out.

Ditch the red pill. Ditch the blue pill. Take the Glitterpill and open your eyes to a world where joyful collaboration and applied learning are possible. 


As a Fellow at Khalifa Ihler...

I contribute to the development of a comprehensive picture of global far-right violence.

As a Glitterpill community leader...

I help members to see the benefits of the community for themselves and then take that healing into their networks.

As The Proud Boys Whisperer...

I know how Proud Boys and other Far Right have taken the redpill without considering its implications. I know what it’s like to fall in with the wrong crowd. I know what it is like to feel disillusioned and not know your next steps. Reach out. You don’t have to leave right away. 

As a Dance Instructor...

I help others experience the joy of embodied movement through belly dance. If you want to take virtual classes in a welcoming, supportive environment, check out Dance With Sam!

Based and Bookpilled Glitterpill Series

Based and Bookpilled Glitterpill series are readings for the trauma stewards, memesmiths, those looking not just to flash their intellectual jewelry, but to have the raw materials they need to produce it.

weekly self-care challenges & chats

I provide weekly self-care challenges and chats to help others aggressively prioritize their self-care, through peer support and guided readings. 

Visit my Services Page to learn more

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