How the hell do smart people end up falling for Qanon?

How do nice people end up in a militia, or in a convoy attacking peaceful protestors?

How does someone go from Youtube viewer to violent agitator?

So many of us may be asking these same questions.

Leading academics are grappling with these questions as well, but right now, the ivory tower isn’t what we need.

Glitterpill believes these are grassroots problems with community solutions. 

As much as social media can be a treacherous landscape of fake news and echo chambers, Glitterpill believes it also has the potential to revive healthy debate and foster powerful transformational discussions.

However, having discussions with people who have very different views and experiences from us can be challenging – especially on social media where short and sometimes hurtful rhetoric is favored by the algorithm, and blocking anyone who disagrees with you is just a click away. 

It’s also important to recognize that these kinds of conversations can be scary and draining! For many of us, our nervous systems see conflict as terrifying. Having a rigorous self care practice, and learning how to resource ourselves after challenging conversations and  expending emotional labor is critical. Activist burnout is REAL, and if we want to create change, we need to be in this for the long haul. In the Glitterpill community, we host regular healing offerings, social support, and tools for self-care for activists, researchers, and those of us who open ourselves to having challenging conversations day in and day out. 

In Glitterpill you will have access to prior self care chats, foundational practices, with a new theme for each month.

Glitterpill is a resource, a community, and a toolkit for those who are interested in cultivating a new way of communicating about important events and important ideas. The red pill or the blue pill aren’t the only options anymore.

Glitterpill is a pluralistic, joyful, creative, human-centered approach to understanding the news, arming yourself for important conversations, replenishing your spirit, and engaging with critical thought and grassroots activism for building a more just and peaceful society.

Ditch the red pill. Ditch the blue pill. Take the Glitterpill and open your eyes to a world where joyful collaboration and applied learning are possible. 

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