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Samantha Kutner

Samantha Kutner received her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in communication studies from the University of Nevada, Reno. She studies violent extremism, and the gender dynamics of radicalization.

In 2018, she won a research Integrity award from her institutional review board for persisting against the chilling effect.

As an independent consultant, she provides training presentations informed by her ethnographic research with Proud Boys and Antifascists.

She continues to seek ways to reduce the efficacy of extremist messaging and ensure. Her current project is the Proud Boys incident map and dashboard, a continually developing OSINT resource to inform the public of Proud Boys activity in America, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Previous publications

Kutner, Samantha. “The call for component analyses of the saudi arabian risk reduction initiative: an examination of religious re-education’s role in the deradicalization and disengagement process”.
Journal for Deradicalization
, No 7 (2016). Available here.

McBride, Maureen, Kutner, Edwards, and Thoms. “Responding To The Whole Person: Using Empathic Listening And Responding In The Writing Center”
The Peer Review, 2018. Available here.

Kutner. “Swiping Right: The Allure of Hyper Masculinity and Cryptofascism for Men Who Join the Proud Boys”
International Centre for Counter-Terrorism-The Hague, 2020. Available Here

Kutner. “Take the Redpill: Understanding the Allure of Conspiratorial Thinking among Proud Boys.” Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 2020.
Available Here


Cap Radio
New York Times
Business Insider
The Rolling Stone
The Daily Beast
The Miami New Times
The Daily Kos
The National Observer
Nation of Change
Buzzfeed News
Toronto Star


“Pain, Mediocrity and Rage: Ethnographic Theories of Right-Wing Male Behavior,” NCA Communicating for Survival, November 2019.

Racism and Anti-Racism in Reno.” University of Nevada, Reno, September 2020. 

“U.S. Election and the Extreme Right.” Centre on Hate, Bias, and Extremism, October, 2020. 

Selected Podcasts

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June 28, 2020:
Samantha Kutner discusses the Proud Boys and her article "Swiping Right.."
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