What I Do


Consulting Services

As a subject matter expert on the Proud Boys I act as a trusted source of information, and provide guidance, insight, and actionable intel on emerging far-right threats. 

As the cofounder of Glitterpill LLC, my team and I provide actionable data, analysis, and consulting services to companies grappling with the issue of violent extremism and terrorism.

As the host of The Glitterpill Podcast, I help others ditch the redpill, ditch the blue pill and open their eyes to a world where liberatory work is joyful. 

As the founder of the Glitterpill community, I provide trauma informed, sustainable activism resources

Everything the community needs to know for 2023 can be found here

Industries I Serve

Social Media Companies, Corporate Responsibility Offices, and Universities.


Rates Vary By Project

Guest Lecturer
Restorative pricing available



Glitterpill community Founder

I want members to develop self awareness, critical thinking and self care practicces with the support of a vibrant, value pluralistic community behind them.  

Who I serve

Anyone who feels like they are not doing enough in their activism, activists on the verge of burnout or currently experiencing burnout, and academics who study extremism. 


Free with option of being a patron
Payment is not mandatory to be a member, but your support gives me more time to conduct my research, prep for media outreach, and support the growing Glitterpill community. 

Service Based Glitterpill products
 made by Glitterpill members, to support
 community resilience efforts. All profits to go back into our collective. 


The Proud Boys Whisperer

As The Proud Boys Whisperer, I provide outreach services for those considering leaving extremism behind and those at risk of radicalization.

The Based and Bookpilled series
Provides ongoing contact with members who have taken the redpill without considering its implications.

Who I serve

Proud Boys, Pick Up Artists,  and Men’s Right’s Activists of the manosphere/redpill persuasion.


Free as a public service



As a Dance Instructor, I seek to provide a safe environment where students can consistently show up for themselves and add dance to their self care repertoire.

Who I serve

Dancers who want to experience the joy of embodied movement.

Intermediate dancers who want to perform choreography and trust in my style of dance.

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